Do you really need to upgrade to the new Xbox One X?


The Xbox one X gaming platform from Microsoft is a masterpiece of all standards, both in terms of external design and internal hardware, and Microsoft launched this device to keep pace with the rapid development in the world of graphics as well as display accuracy, and through it you can play games at 4K resolution in addition to HDR technology to improve Clarity of colors and details while playing.

The internal hardware of the Xbox One X is very complicated, the processor, graphics card and memory have been changed to be more powerful and faster in data transmission, and of course the entire architecture of the device has been changed to become completely new.

One X is a strong competitor to Sony’s PS4 PRO, and it offers the same idea for displaying games in 4K resolution, and regardless of getting into the idea of ​​which is better, the two devices remain the best produced in the history of gaming emulators to date.

One X does not introduce any new specials, but Microsoft has redesigned a set of games again, and optimized them to work specifically on One X in 4K resolution with the addition of improvements to visual effects in the improved versions, and in the following lines I will mention 6 points occupied by most professionals and maniac games As for Xbox One X, should we buy it now or wait a little longer.

4K resolution up to 60fps with HDR technology

Perhaps the main feature that One X was launched with is the ability to experience many games that have been improved at 4K resolution with fixed frame rate, and support for HDR technology to improve image detail and quality, and of course you need a screen that supports these features to make the most of One X.

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Microsoft has introduced many games such as: Forza7, Assasssis Creed Orings, Halo 5 with a promise from the company to increase this support for many games that have already been released, or are expected to be released in the near future, and Microsoft has made available a new feature that allows you to adjust the accuracy of the game’s display, as well as preferences Of the internal menus, almost like a personal computer, which is a new feature for console lovers, which some find somewhat complicated; Since some game professionals have not played on the PC, they do not know the details of modifying internal game listings.

We also find a game like Tomb Raider that allows you to choose between more than two modes of play such as: activating or deactivating HDR technology, also raising the display resolution, and many details that some find simple but an important addition to many.

Xbox One X support is optional for developers

When we talk about support, we are talking about the conflict between Microsoft and Sony, when Microsoft introduced Achievements, Sony in return offered the Trophies feature, and also the network play was in return for money from the beginning at Microsoft, and Sony later made playing on the net for a money .

But as for gaming support, Sony was clear from the start by requiring developers to support the game on both PS4 and PS4 pro devices, and not necessarily that the game supports 4K resolution, but at least it supports the internal hardware of both devices.

Microsoft has not obligated developers to develop games on Xbox one x and Xbox One, so the developer can release the game on a device without the other as they like, and some see it as a good feature for developers to re-launch the game again improved, which means better profits for it, but on the side The other is that the small companies that offer games will not be able to support games to put them back without strong support from Microsoft, which makes some people concerned that the One X gaming library cannot support all the improved features of the games.

You don’t need to own One X to get most Xbox One features.

You can get most of the features found in the One X console at almost half the price by purchasing One S, which of course cannot offer games in 4K resolution, but many believe that most gaming professionals still do not have a screen with a resolution of 4K and HDR technology yet, and by purchasing a console one S you’ll get a fully-integrated multimedia player with Ultra Blu-ray technology, HDR support, and Dolby-Atmos audio, and a game like Gears Of War 4 can be played on both devices, and get an integrated gaming experience, instead of paying huge sums for a 4k experience Integrated can get almost the same experience.

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