India seeks to ban PUBG Mobile, what is the reason?


The Indian government recently started to spread its teeth as its American counterpart does towards everything that is Chinese or made inside China, where the most recent and most prominent was the famous Chinese TikTok application, and the reason behind it is certainly behind the deep political differences between countries, which are usually the victims of giant companies of both countries It appears that the role has now reached PUBG Mobile.

What we care about in this news is that there are sources that confirmed that the Indian government is now striving with full force and formally by issuing several binding and regulatory laws to ban the implementation of the well-known Battle Royale game PUBG Mobile, and this comes within an integrated plan to ban About 275 applications that they considered violate the country’s usage and security policies, knowing that the smart phone version is being published by the Chinese giant Tencent.

It is noteworthy that India alone has a number of players in the game PUBG numbering 50 million active players, and certainly this decision will have a significant and noticeable impact on the revenues of the game, and the game will likely retreat from the advanced positions that it controlled and mediated with other games such as Fortnite and Call of Duty Mobile in the number of players.

According to the GamesIndustry site, the PUBG game had access to 50 million copies sold in the first 6 months of its launch, as it was available when it was launched in March of 2017 on the Xbox One and the personal computer before it was announced that it was coming to the Playstation 4 In 2018 next to the version of PUBG Mobile which is the most popular smartphone.

And recently we recall that it was announced that the global PUBG game sales reached nearly 70 million copies sold on all current home platforms and personal computers, as it is a major achievement achieved by the game in a record time period, and has also achieved huge funds for its sponsoring company with more than 3 billion Dollars as net revenue.

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