The best virtual reality platform games for Sony PSVR


When the virtual reality games platform for Sony PlayStation games, known as PSVR, was announced, the world and especially gaming fans knew that they are on the threshold of a new era of video games, and that in the near future we will not be able to return to traditional games, regardless of the strength of its graphics and the fun of its games. Some of the gaming enthusiasts were waiting for more than going through an amazing immersion experience inside the game, some of them did not live the life of a game hero in all its details, and none of us thought about breaking away from his nature and departing from his reality even for a few times during the day.

This is why the PSVR platform had a reputation so widely that it could achieve in a few months, and that is why game developers have sought to develop new games and bring back some of the old games to comply with virtual reality technology, and among those games whose titles are increasing day by day. We have chosen for you a group of the best of these games that vary between different types and sections.

Warning: This game did not include the new titles that Sony announced at its games conference in Paris, nor did it include free games such as: The Playroom VR developed by Sony.

Gran Turismo Sport game

  • Game type: Car Racing
  • Developed company: Polyphony Digital
  • Price in world markets: 70 USD

Use the Wireless Move joystick: You don’t need it, but using racing wheels will make your gaming experience even more awesome

Gran Turismo Sport

The best car racing games for the virtual reality platform PSVR, the game is characterized by great graphics, especially with regard to available cars and their internal and external designs that correspond to 100 percent of the real cars, also the designs of the race tracks are wonderful realistic graphics.

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Farpoint game

  • Game type: Sci-Fi / Shooting / Fighting
  • Developed company: SIEA / Impulse Gear
  • Global market price: $ 50 USD for the regular version / $ 80 USD for the PS VR Aim version
  • Move Wireless Controller: You do not need it


In the world of science fiction inhabited by giant aliens, this wonderful game that features distinct graphics, and a style of play that does not differ from the big names in the world of fighting games with modern and future weapons, revolve around, and the game allows you to move freely in the surrounding environment as it contains specific points through which Kick off the main story events. The game developers have been able to avoid the problem of dizziness and nausea that affects the player in some similar games, and the game is characterized by the presence of a special version compatible with the technology of PS VR Aim, a wireless pistol that acts as a control arm for similar games on the PlayStation platforms.

Game: Resident Evil 7

  • Game type: Horror / Shooting & Fighting
  • Developed company: Capcom
  • Price in world markets: 60 USD
  • Move Wireless Controller: You do not need it

Resident Evil 7

Someone who loves video games does not know this series that managed to take horror in games to another level? Today, you can imagine what all the horror this parts of the series will look like after moving to virtual reality platforms. Resident Evil 7’s virtual reality version includes a gameplay that revolves in approximately 18 hours, and its events do not differ from the nature of the previous parts, and its high-quality graphics do not differ from the last parts, but we have to warn you, dear reader: if you are not a fan of horror, do not try to try Absolutely this game.

Game: Batman: Arkham VR

  • Game type: adventures / shooting action
  • Developed company: Rocksteady Studios
  • Price in world markets: 20 USD
  • Move Wireless Control Arm: No

Batman: Arkham VR

One of the best games that all PSVR owners have to acquire and try. Bruce Wayne or Batman returns in this game to what he used to do in any of the artwork or games in which this character was presented, but this time in a wonderful and dazzling virtual reality environment, where Batman solves many of the crimes and issues that occur in Gotham City, Although the story of the game is relatively small, it depends on a total immersion experience that cannot be missed.

Game: Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

  • Game type: puzzles
  • Developed company: Double Fine Productions
  • Price in world markets: 20 USD
  • Move Wireless Control Arm: No

Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

The writer and author of games “Tim Schafer” is characterized by the ability to mix an unusual mixture in his games, which he was able to present again in this game that contains a mixture of jokes, games and smart humor that does not stop. The game is short of gameplay compared to its price of $ 20, but in this short time you will pass many puzzles that you have to solve. So, the game is among the best VR experience short games especially for family members who are not ready for a full VR experience.

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