The end of the era of video games on Mac computers … The journey of searching for causes


Is the era of video games ended on Apple Mac devices? The numbers that say no, are the same as the numbers that say yes, according to statistics related to Steam for games on computers, there are 4,500 games on the platform for Apple Mac computers, a number that some might think big, but according to the same statistics, this number is no more than The number of games that will reach the same platform for Windows PCs.

So unlike the iOS platform for Apple phones, the development of video games on Mac computers no longer works as they should, despite the company’s attempts to compete with the powerful gaming engines DirectX and OpenGL, by developing the graphics engine’s application programming interface (API), Which she called Metal, and its start was exclusive to the operating system of iOS phones, but with its new version Metal 2 it became integrated in all versions of the MacOS High Sierra operating system for modern Mac computers, but even this development could not save Mac computers from their decline in the world of games The video, especially since it was not advanced at any time in the first place, and it does not seem realistic that it will survive in the future.

The first reason for the end of the era of video games for Mac computers lies in the superior competitor strength, which numbers confirm once again. According to the statistics of Steam platform published by Digital Trends, Windows PCs were and still are the preferred choice for gaming enthusiasts. Even if all of the 100 million Mac computer owners are video game enthusiasts, they cannot be compared to even half of the 600 million Windows computer users, according to the latest statistics.

These numbers indicate the reason why game developers are more interested in Windows than different Mac systems, but what the numbers don’t reveal is the power of the OpenGL game engine originally intended for Windows operating systems, but it is used to transform games from Windows to run on Mac systems. A game like Civilization VI, for example, did not make a Mac version of it, despite its novelty and despite the presence of Apple’s Metal Engine, the developers relied on OpenGL, which is still the main driver for a large number of video games, including those that It works on Mac computers.

In testing the revised Civilization VI version to work on Mac computers, Digital Trends released results indicating that the game achieved a rate of 22 fps at a resolution of 1050 x 1620, and intermediate settings on a 15-inch MacBook Pro computer and a Radeon Pro 455 graphics processor from AMD, and on the same settings and specifications using a computer running Windows 10, the game achieved a rate of 66 frames per second. A terrifying difference, right? However, what does it mean?

Means that the Civilization VI game runs three times faster on Windows 10 than the Mac OS, keeping in mind that the game was developed by OpenGL Engine, an open engine that runs on the three popular systems (Windows – Mac – Linux), and it is definitely weaker than DirectX Engine The developer via Microsoft is completely dedicated to Windows computers, and is known for its powerful performance.

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With DirectX comes the second reason for the fall of the Mac to satisfy video game enthusiasts, as we have already developed the DirectX graphics engine by Microsoft, and is the result of a decades-long work that includes both Microsoft developers and game developers alike, which makes it the main reason for the superior power of Windows to play games Video, and why do developers and game enthusiasts choose the world’s most popular operating system computers, but how does DirectX’s power relate to twice as much Mac computers?

The relationship lies in the comparison between Windows DirectX and Metal, which Apple developed to compare to put the Mac computers on the competition track again, and the relationship analysis comes from another test conducted by Digital Trends, where he tested the Metal engine on the same computer that witnessed the aforementioned test And with the same settings, and the test result came to a rate of 33 frames per second, a figure that is clearly higher than the result achieved by the OpenGL engine, but by conducting the same test on a computer with the same specifications and settings, DirectX drive and Windows 10 operating system, the test achieved a rate of 74 frames per second , More than twice the result of the Metal drive on the Mac computer.


From inside and outside of Apple, there were many reasons that stopped the video game march on devices running Mac OS, the spread of Windows computers, the power of its graphics engine DirectX in front of the Apple Metal drive, and the reluctance of developers to work on it or to develop new games added to the Steam platform for devices Mac, all of which ultimately led to a comparison between Windows computers and popular gaming platforms. So the causes and death of video games on multiple Mac computers are many.

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