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Xbox Game Pass service is Microsoft Gold card and the best deal for players.

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Everyone agrees that the Xbox Game Pass monthly service is the best service we got in the gaming industry. In case you didn’t hear about it previously, Microsoft’s service enables you to access a huge library that contains more than a hundred renewed games at a price of ten dollars a month on a personal computer and Xbox One. Microsoft previously told us that all of its games will be available from the first day, but today after the conference, the power of the Xbox Game Bass fact has emerged.

During the Ceres X games unveiling event, a lot of games were unveiled, including Halo Infinite, Fable, Forza Motorsport, the new game studio Avowed, Everwild and Psychonauts 2, and many games from third-party studios that will be available exclusively on the Xbox series at launch like Stalker 2 CrossfireX, The Medium, and many other games.

All of the above games are great and the price for each one will often be sixty dollars. But the really remarkable thing that I personally think is a bomb today is that all the addresses Microsoft reviewed today will be available on Xbox Game Pass on its first day. Yes, that’s right. You can play Halo infinite when you release a second game on its first day at just $ 10. In case you are bored of them don’t worry, you can access more than a hundred other addresses from different developers.

Why is this service the Microsoft Gold Card and not the exclusive games or even the new generation device?
In a previous article, I talked about the fact that the new generation is no longer limited to exclusives and is still the same. Imagine the following with me, you are a player from the Arab world, this means that your monthly salary is not close to the salary of the American player and that you are not able to buy games with 60 or 70 dollars periodically. In the event that you purchase the Xbox Series X, you will get the most powerful gaming device in the world and with the Xbox Game Pass service, you will only need to purchase a sixty-dollar game in rare cases. You can try first-party addresses right away, which is why Xbox Series X may be the first choice for many.

To this day, we have seen games from only nine studios from Microsoft that have fifteen studios, in other words, until now we have not seen everything that the company fully cooks for us behind its tightly closed doors.

Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox, said they’ve learned the lesson from the current generation and what we’ve seen so far proves that. Besides, there have been rumors that Microsoft will abandon the paid group mode system and this means that its full focus will be on the Xbox Game Pass service. If this really happens, the Xbox X Series will become invincible even if it is weakened by some exclusives in front of its PlayStation 5 counterpart because it will simply provide comfort and save a lot of money for the players.

The PlayStation brand is strong, stronger than the Xbox and especially for the Arab world, this is something that cannot be discussed by two, but I think that the new generation, this matter will change, especially if we see better support for Arab players in terms of Arabization and marketing aimed at players in the region. In a nutshell, we can say that Microsoft has an “Xodia” in its hand, and many – including myself – believe that Xbox Game Pass is sufficient on its own to raise the status of the Xbox Series and increase its sales.

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