Xbox Series X – All we know about the upcoming Microsoft gaming platform!


The Xbox X platform was officially announced as the next new generation of Microsoft’s home gaming platform, as it was previously known as Project Scarlett for a long time before we officially saw it at the Game Awards 2019 gaming conference.

But with many news about the power of the new platforms and the leaks that have reached everyone about the internal equipment and external designs of these platforms, Microsoft this time already announced the shape of the new series X of the Xbox series, which has become somewhat similar to the computer in its external form, which means that we We are about to see a new series of platform sizes for the new generation.

First let’s talk about the Xbox X specifications!

At the first project presentation of the Project Scarlett project that was announced to be the new generation of the Xbox series before it was officially announced at The Game Awards 2019, the developer said that this new project will be four times stronger than Xbox One X and that it will be able Play games at 8K and 120fps with new ray tracing technology.

Since we haven’t really got a true experience for the upcoming Xbox console, the following specifications may be sufficient to provide a much better performance than the current generation and also convincing for the PROJECT SCARLETT project that MICROSOFT promised us a long time ago.

AMD and Microsoft have participated in the design and development of a dedicated processor for the Scarlett project, as this processor will benefit from the latest Zen 2 and Navi technologies from AMD, and it was clear before the E3 2019 conference that AMD will design the next Xbox platform processor.

Also, the new platform from Microsoft will use an SSD volume that will be used for random memory as well, which can increase performance by 40 times better than the current generation, as the Xbox Series X will raise the range to GDDR 6 SDRAM, this It means that the gaming load time will be much better than the current generation platforms.

At a time when the official account of the Xbox platform on Twitter confirmed that the Scarlett platform project will be able to run 4K resolution at 60 frames per second steadily, and that all games, accessories and other “Xbox One” platform will come with you to the new generation.

How the new Series X platform and console will look!

To talk initially about the new Xbox X consoles, Microsoft also unveiled a new Xbox wireless controller today, as Microsoft’s Deputy Chief Games Officer Spencer explained: “Its size and shape have been improved to accommodate a larger group of people, and it is It will have a new Share button to make screenshots and share game clips easier. ”

The new console will come in a little smaller, as the updated console will work with existing Xbox One platforms and computers running Windows 10 as well.

As for the new shape of the new Series X platform, it will be larger and horizontally, which will make it similar to computers, and the reason may be to provide a better cooling system for internal equipment such as the processor and the graphics card, which may maintain good and continuous performance.

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