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Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition APK is a good and fantastic game you can play on your phone. This game can be fun online, so you don’t need to connect to the internet to play this game. We also give you some updates you may need to adjust all the bugs this game still has. Because it is handmade and a fan-made match so there will be some error appearing on the game.

This is a horror game for those who like and played the Five Nights at Freddy’s. It is all about the monster living in the iron shell. They move toward the blood and tear, then try anything to hurt their target. These monsters were made by a good father but a terrible creator. He thought he could manage all these robots, but in the end, he couldn’t. And the result is his son dead by these monsters.

Downloading Creepy Nights At Freddy’s Android Edition APK to your phone is very simple. You need some adjustment before downloading this game. If you need any support, just contact us!


By: Najtmer @Najtmer