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FNaF games free download is a series of horror games based on a mystery story. That story tells you about an old restaurant serving pizza with robot puppets. These puppets are typical until an accident happens.

The owner is also the creator of these puppets and tries to make his son happy. But that puppet suddenly moves weirdly and kills the man inside it. The restaurant then shut down, and no one heard about it anymore. This is where the whole story starts. The restaurant shut down, the owner died, and his son became the next owner. However, he wanted to find out why his dad died, so he went back to the restaurant to find out.

FNaF fan games make a lot of different shapes of this game. You can see a lot of characters have been built. From cartoon characters, famous people to some game characters. Let’s get more in-depth in this story and see what happens next to the son!


When the owner’s son tries to get back to the place where his dad died. He finds out all puppets are still there and look just like he saw them. Everything seems normal, but when the sun goes down and the night rises, things change.

Five Nights at Freddy’s tells you about some puppet with a soul or maybe something inside them. Not just an empty shell. They talk more and talk with scary voices and chase people who dare challenge them.

FNaF fan games give you more feelings about the life of these puppets. Players use to ask Where are they come from and why they want to harm other people. The answer will be in your gameplay. It would be best if you won them to make them tell you their story. Some different versions of this game contain a lot of horror points. Players need to make sure they can handle all these points before click start.

FNaF download is free for Pc players, and this game also has some versions for the mobile Player. You can play it on IOS or Android mobile and tablet. There are still a lot of things you need to know about this game!

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FNaF Android are now free to download! You can try fan-made games based on Fnaf series too. You will step into adventures to beat all animatronics for your survival.

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