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Security Booth Free Download is a horror game, and there will be one thing we know about this game. Security Booth gives you the scariest sound and gameplay ever.

Security Booth for PC is a horror game, and you can win this game within 12 mins. There will be some new things added to the game from the main page. Most of them will be your chatting with other people in the game. And through that chat, you can also know more about your company.

Security Booth and way to win:

There will be one only job for you to do in this game. And that will be faced by the people who want to get through your gate. They will talk to you, and you can ask them some questions.

That will be the only way for you to know if they allow you to get in or not.  All the sound of this game will give you nothing but fear and illusion.

Security Booth Horror Game

There will be humans, and there will be monsters in this game. All you need will be to talk and see if they are human or not. They will not harm you, but you will lose if you let them get in. Be aware!