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FNIA: Expanded Free Download will allow you to read and view the same old story. And all the things you see in this game will be unique from our fangame page.

FNIA: Expanded Download is completed. And you can download this game for your PC now. There will be more of them from the main web. This is only one of them, and the features will be unique.

FNIA: Expanded – horror night:

You will get the job as this place watchman. And there will be 5 long nights you need to stay and work here. There will be some machines that come from Freddy Fatbear Pizza place. You need to take care of them and make sure nobody can touch them before the reopening.

This seems to be a good job for you to make some money. And you can get a lot from it. But the night comes, and things shall change. No one knows what will happen except you.

Fangame download:

This will be a free horror game. There will be demons for you to fight with. And there are also some updates for you to download. We will bring more info about this game for you. Join to know better about it!

by: Jester07 @Jester07