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LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel Free Download will be on the top of this page. And if you need your game updated, come to the main page. There will be some updates for you there.

The main story: 

What will happen if we send you to a world and there will be no hint for you. In this world, there will be monsters, NPCs, animals, and creatures. 

It would help if you found a way to live in this place. The other will try to kill you or lead you down the wrong path. That will be where you end your game with a loss. 

Also, there will be some questions in this game that you need to answer if your answer is correct. You will get a bigger chance to win. LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel will come along with you. Help you stay with the game and solve the question. 

LoveCraft Minecraft suggest: 

There will be a lot of things that happen in this game at one time. All you have to do is stick to the game and try not to die. 

The monsters and dark animals only come at night, so they can not hurt you in daylight. Try to find out who you indeed are, and the winning will soon be yours. 

We hope you like this game. The new mode and adventure are being sent to you!


by: Potato95 @Potato95