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Introduction to the Game – Jollibee’s: Phase 2

Jollibee’s: Phase 2 that is for complimentary transfer on our web site, is made for all fans of the globally well-known horror game made by Scott Cawthon: Five Nights At Freddy’s. Note that it’s not any official game of the first creator, it’s simply a fan-made game however doesn’t despair, the sport guarantees to remain true with the plot of the first Associate in Nursing positively brings all people a persistent expertise.

Jollibee’s: Phase 2 Free Download
Jollibee’s: Phase 2 Free Download

Story of the Game – Jollibee’s: Phase 2

The game brings all of you to immerse yourself into an exciting story that takes place on August seventeen, 2037. it’s 3 days when the event of the closure of Jollibee’s. the rationale for this closure of this institution is code violations. it’s price noting that the robotics here are sent for more investigation.

Now you’ve got place yourself into the shoes of the most character UN agency had been employed as a guard. All you would like to try to is to envision and certify the robotics safe before they’re transported to a different location.

However, nobody will certify each animatronic is traditional. Sometimes, they become unpredictable. you would like to take care in the least times throughout your shift. currently let’s challenge yourself with new robotics characters!

Download the game for free. Full version of this game is download, click the download button below to get the game now.


Dev: Wiimill @Wiimill
Sub Links: mega.nz