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Blacklight Nights is a new scary fan game of Five Nights at Freddy’s. It’s free to download and explore challenges with multiple weird animatronic characters!

Blacklight Nights

About Blacklight Nights

It’s a terrifying story taking place in a very dark location. In which, you are able to meet up with the old and new robotic opponents.

They have different looks from the ones in Fnaf games. However, they still own sharp teeth and strange behaviors.

Shall they behave you in the way that they used to do as previously? Only you are the person who can answer that question.

Aside from supervising them, it’s also essential for you to prevent these machines from getting too close to your space. It’s the best method to exist until you can leave their stage.

The darkness and numerous mysteries are covering Blacklight Nights. Are you ready to uncover every secret and escape the building safely?


by: Skeleton_Bro @Skeleton_Bro