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Christmas with Freddy’s APK for Android will really change the way you play a mobile horror game. You can have all the needed tool in this version, and here are some new updates for you:

Christmas with Freddy's Free Download APK Android
Christmas with Freddy’s
  • The game over screen has been changed to give you more fun.
  • The battery icon now looks more precise, and you can also see it in the darkroom.
  • The extra menu can help you play and run this game better. You can also change the menu to look in your style.
  • FNaF Android has all the PC characters so that you can be sure about this version’s quality.
  • There will be some new languages for you in this version. Players can choose the right one so they can understand the story later.
  • The machine and fear in this game are new. You can see them in the first gameplay of yours.

Christmas with Freddy’s APK for Android Free Download is a new tool for you. Downloading these tools will save more time for you. Have fun, and you will see your fear in this game!


by: PowerLine Studios @PowerLine_Studios