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One Night with a Box: Gay Location APK for Android Free Download brings an entirely different experience. The game is based on Scott’s original version.

One Night with a Box: Gay Location APK for Android brings an interesting LGBT game to smartphones. RHADAMUS is gay, and he sent a job request to Freddo Succbear.

You and Freddo are together in a strange place, that is Box’s Gay House of Shit Fun.

Download the game and discover RHADAMUS’s dark plan!

An overview of the game

Rhadamus has created an exciting game. The game offers purple themes and metaphorical details about LGBT.


One Night with a Box: Gay Location APK has many new features, including:

  • The game offers five distinct modes: Normal Mode, Nightmare Mode, Hentai Mode, Endless Mode, and Custom Mode.
  • Players must collect cups to prove their skills. You will have much fun and other priceless rewards,
  • The challenges have increasing difficulty, and the animatronic’s AI is very high.
  • Enjoy 18+ gay movies, and they’re fun.
  • The game runs stably on most smartphones today.


In short, the game offers unique LGBT experiences.

Check out FNAF for Android right here!


Upload by: Rhadamus @Rhadamus