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Best FNAF World Simulator APK is a download RPG for Android. Meet up with friendly animatronics from FNAF and help them destroy all the wicked bosses!

Best FNAF World Simulator APK

It’s inspired by FNAF World of Scott Cawthon, the creator of the horror series named Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The story happens in Animatronica, a territory of animatronics. You will take part in a challenge and give them a hand to take back occupied lands.


Freddy has ended “the game” and obtained an unfair power amount. So, he can take over that Animatronica realm and remove any rival left. But, it’s essential to support those “enemies” and stop Freddy before the worst starts.

How to play

You can control more than 60 characters in the existing fan-made FNAF World sequel. Set up a party and lead your team to the area where you can launch a battle.

There are many old buddies and opponents.

Discover huge worlds, collect Chips and other gear to increase the combat capability

Numerous strange game modes

Best FNAF World Simulator APK is an FNAF APK game for Android in which you must make use of warriors’ abilities smartly. It’s necessary to drain the opposing boss’s energy and defeat him quickly.


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