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Desolate Nights HD APK for Android is what you need to know better about what a nightmare will be. This game aims to do nothing but give players more fear than they ever have. In this game, you will also have the chance to contact some monsters; they all come from the FNAF game.

Desolate Nights HD Free Download
Desolate Nights HD Free Download

These monsters know more about you than you know about them. Please don’t take your risk to get too close to them because that could be the last time you breathe.

On this horror night, you can have a mini-game and earn some points for your upgrade. When you get enough points, you will move to the next level, where some new monsters are waiting for you. And they will never be friends with you, my friend!

More horror games like this will be available on FNAF Free. They are all for free, and you can get updates if you need more fun. Desolate Nights HD APK for Android Free Download is very simple. When you have a PC with you, come to us to have the best fear ever!



by: Mr_Hipster @Mr_Hipster