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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: Maintenance is one among the attention-grabbing fan-made games that take inspiration from the well-received horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s. If you wish to explore more expertise within the game, don’t hesitate to transfer it for gratis on our web site.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: Maintenance Free Download
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: Maintenance Free Download

The game is simply an easy short FNAF fan-made during which your mission is to restart 3 systems with plenty of mini-games. However, your job looks harsh the least bit. whereas attempting to restart these systems, you have got to listen to the looks of Freddy and his movement. take care with him and especially, don’t check up on him anytime. If you only accidentally check up on him, he can instantly kill you. If facing him, decide to notice any ways in which to distract him as you’ll be able to. It’s the best FNAF fan game.


In this game, you have got to fill all the squares by clicking on them. However, once clicking on a sq., different squares next to that can get empty. you would like to skip the obstacles by moving the circle victimization your keyboard (including left and right arrow buttons) and keep alive for one minute. however, bear in mind that when 10 seconds, the sport can get quicker.

If you hear strange sounds, Freddy is at the threshold. you have got to alter the amount of the speaker to high to require him away. strive your best to restart all systems before half-dozen am.

Don’t hesitate to transfer Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza: Maintenance for gratis and revel in it straight away.

Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza! we tend to area unit glad to possess you as a technician for an evening in here. For your shift, you have got to boot the protection systems by finishing their minigames. Meanwhile, our robotics get kinky in the dark, therefore we’ve got put in cameras and a few different mechanics within the workplace to stay you safe against them. Our engineer can justify the way to use them and manage the robotics throughout the hour. that is all we’ve got to mention, and that we want you a decent night!


Dev: E.K.P @Parsa_Bakhshi
Sub Links: mega.nz