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Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 (Test-Game) Free Download will allow you to have your fight within 6 nights. We also have a custom mod for you to try.

This mode will bring you all the machines we have. And they will not be easy on you when the night comes. There will also come custom music we added to this game. You can download them from the same page of this game.

Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 story:

This is about the five-night fight between you and some machines. You come here and work like a nightguard. But then things go terribly.

The machines start to come out of the storage and run right to you. They seem to know where you are and try to end your life.

You need to move quickly or stay in the room. This will be where you plan your way to escape.

For more info, come to the main page of Weekdays at Wilbur’s 2 (Test-Game) Download. We will support you with the install function there!

by Ramenov  @Ramenov