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Igrodel MarcDWyz has introduced the Pocket Fighter EX Free Download demo version 0.3.0 of the Pocket fan game for Windows PC (64 bit). That is a pixelated 2D fighting game in the NeoGeo Pocket Color handheld visual style. The most popular fighting games are Street Fighter and King of Fighters by Capcom and SNK, respectively. Therefore, Pocket EX has characters from that famous fighting game series.

Download Pocket Fighter EX

The gameplay of Pocket is typical, with two fighters fighting in an arena using punches, kick combos, and special, magical attacks. You also can use your Max meter to quickly spark off Power Max and Armor Max Modes, which offer buffs for your assault or protection and may liberate unique attacks.

The new construct of Pocket Fighter EX best capabilities three warring parties (Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter and Terry from King of Fighters); however, they’re superbly lively and feature an attractive choice of conventional attacks, specials, EX movements, and supers.

The construct of Pocket is pretty old; however, the dev continues to be operating on it, or even in its contemporary shape, it’s a variety of fun. The pixel artwork animation is outstanding, and it looks like an aggressive preventing sport with lots of intensity with a purpose to praise participant skill.

Are you looking forward to this fan-game? Update Pocket Fighter EX Free Download now to experience.

Pocket Fighter EX Screenshots

By: MarcDWyz @MarcDWyz