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Sanic the Hedgehog DEMO will add some fun graphics to the gameplay. You can see all the free texture and images of this game when opening it. Except for the pictures, everything else in this game is the same as the old game. We also allow players to download new features for your game. As long as you have our support, you will never meet any bugs in this game.

Sanic the Hedgehog DEMO

Fangame is a page where other players and we add new games. You can also make a game and then add it to this page. We were hoping you could make some fun games for us, and you can earn some money from this.

Once you get into this game, you will soon have all the features and gameplay for free. The only way for you to play this game free is to follow us. And if you need some other support, we will send it right to your PC.

Sanic the Hedgehog DEMO Free Download is ready for you to hit the follow button.


by: MasterSonicKnight @MasterSonicKnight