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SCP – The Endurance, aka Five Nights at SCP Facility. This game does not resemble the FNaF Fan remake as it combines the features of two horror video games, SCP Facility and FNAF, into one.

SCP - The Endurance
SCP – The Endurance

The combination of both games has brought a lot of great features in SCP – The Endurance Download. In this game, you will find strengths such as reality from SCP and storyline and gameplay from FNAF. Characters from SCP are known for their horror looks, which will terrify any brave player. Also, the gameplay of the FNAF series is excellent. Players will take on the role of the guardian of the night in a horror place and face countless scary characters. SCP – The Endurance includes the above elements, so the fear is doubled.

There won’t be many tools and weapons that players can use to defend themselves. They can only access certain cameras, flashlights, switches, and doors. These items will help you block the “enemy” path and avoid them from reaching you.

SCP – The Endurance is available for download. Download now and experience this FNaF New Game for yourself!

SCP – The Endurance Screenshots

By: Elefelen @Elefelen