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Bonely Hearts Club Demo free download is now open for you, but it contains many kinds of adult elements. So players need to consider if they can play this game or not. In the game, you can be a boy who lives with his parents.

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And it would be best if you chose what to do in your life, in the end, your life will have a different ending. Be a good boy, obey his parent or make some mistakes with alcohol and drugs.

We think this Fan Game is not suitable for players who are below 14 years old. Some updates have been made in this game so players could have more experience in it. Such as:

  • The sound of the game has been adjusted so it can give you more fun and real feeling.
  • Give more online searches so players could find the best solution for their gameplay.
  • The control of the game has already been fixed, so there will be no error when controlling the characters.

Download Bonely Hearts Club Demo is new but promising. You should try this game if you want more unique experiences. Thank you, and have fun, players!

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By: owl-bones @owl-bones