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Silent Playhouse Residence Free Download is available for you on the main page. You can also download this Silent Playhouse Residence from CH Play and App Store.

Silent Playhouse Residence for PC sends you the fear you’ve been looking for. In this game, you will be a guy who wants to write a blog about the horror house.

But you choose the wrong house to get in. There will be nothing for you to write about here. There will be only death and nightmares. Silent Playhouse Residence will make sure you have no place to hide when you get in this game.

New tips:

Each monster in this game will bring you a weakness. And that will be the key you need to know. The weakness will be shown. Hit that one, and you will win them.

You need to remember that so the next time you fight with them. That is the only way for you to win and to kill all of them.

The game will come with a unique sound. And these sounds will allow you to know when you act and when to run.

Silent Playhouse Residence Game:

This version will be free and come with more monsters. You need to pay all you have to win them!