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The Freddy Files is the new horror game for you, and this game is free for players. If you like this game, you can check for the download button in this post. We also bring you some more games in the same category. The more you play, the better you will get the story of this game. In this game, you can also see some characters that have been taken from the original FNAF game collections. They are all famous and have their own scary style.

The Freddy Files
The Freddy Files

This horror game is all about a man who has a security job. When he comes to this place, nothing is wrong, and it is only the day. When the night comes, things are going to be a big difference. And if you want to survive, things you do will be run and run. They will give you no chance for you to win. So you better try your best, or you can never get out of this terrible place.

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By: Awxthority @AwXthority