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FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK is also the ultimate FNAF mashup. Download the new APK game for Android for free and fight against all of the killer animatronics for survival!

Ultimate Custom Night APK for Android Free Download
Ultimate Custom Night APK for Android Free Download

Ultimate Custom Night

It takes place in a dark restaurant haunted. In which, you are fending off 50 selectable robotic enemies. They’re from seven FNAF games of Scott Cawthon. They are waiting for you and your mission is to escape from their attacks.
Offers a special beginning

It’s possible to choose, mix and match any kind of rivals that you want. Additionally, you can select their difficulty from 0 to 20.

After hitting the button, you’re able to go and enter the real battlefield.

How to play

From the office, you – a security guard will have to supervise the opponent’s moves to prevent them in time.
Besides, there are two side doors to shut down, blocking them. Don’t skip two vents, two air hoses, and other paths leading directly into your room!

You have newer tools to push them back like the heater, A/C, a global music box, etc.
FNAF Ultimate Custom Night APK for Android is similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s games when you must survive. Try to earn Faz-Coins and purchase enhancements from the Prize Counter!


by: Eduardo Teixeira Peiter