FREDDY IN SPACE 2 lite ANDROID APK will bring you out of the horror Freddy Pizza Restaurant but through you out space. In this game, you will have the choice to control Freedy or another friend of his to fight with monsters.

This Five Nights at Freddy’s game is more like an adventure game more than a nightmare one. In the game, you must fight with some space creature and then slave their big boss to win the game.

There will be no monsters to jump out and scare you. There only you and space creatures fight each other.

You can use your space gun to fight and use all the buttons on the screen to move and fight. This game focuses on carrying out the old and bad original game. Your world is open; explore it!

FREDDY IN SPACE 2 lite ANDROID APK Download is very simple. Players can download this fun adventure game on our page. We support some instructions so you can have your best gameplay. Thank you for your attention to this game. And good luck!


By: BLADE KEK @TGames10

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