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Introduction to the Game – Freddy’s Reboot

Download Freddy’s Reboot bring up for complimentary here on our web site so as to expertise fascinating and alarming moments. it’s inspirited by a worldwide notable series created by Scott Cawthon: Five Nights At Freddy’s. plenty of mysterious and creepy things square measure expecting you to get.

Freddy’s Reboot Screenshots
Freddy’s Reboot Screenshots

Story of the Game – Freddy’s Reboot

The game comes beside an exciting story within which you’ll place yourself into the shoes of the most character. however, World Health Organization square measure you?

You are employed to figure as a guard at a replacement attraction within which the most impression here is robotics. they’re wont to dance and sing to create customers, particularly kids, happy at the day. However, nobody will make a case for why these animatronic robots behave unusually and erratically in the dark. As a result, this institution is in would like of hiring associate degree worker rent associate degree worker World Health Organization can work night shift so as to observe those characters similarly as alternative stuff there.

And you get this job. you’ll begin your job at twelve am and take a look at to survive till half dozen am tomorrow. plenty of ugly things square measure expecting you throughout your shift. use caution with those animatronic robots and shield yourself if required.

Download the game from this website, which is the full version of this game and enjoy the game by your own.

Download Freddy’s Reboot bring up for complimentary here if you would like to grasp the remainder of the story.


Developer: Tobrox @TheRealTobrox

Sub Links: mega.nz

Sub Links: mega.nz