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Kermert’s 0 – The First Chapter by Shadowblam101Games is a survival horror game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame series. Players will be involved in a very new journey and must stop all animatronic characters.

Kermert's 0 - The First Chapter Screenshots
Kermert’s 0 – The First Chapter Screenshots

What’s the story here?

You will transform into a night watchman at a luxury restaurant called “BlueFrog’s Fun Fun Fun Pizzza Palace & Arcade”. Although knowing that the characters in the restaurant, including BlueFrog and his supposedly eccentric gang, are not at all friendly.

Players transform into a character named Gwen Stacy, sit in the office, watch the camera, and … Please explore yourself. Remember, to escape the deadly jumps of BlueFrog and their gang, the player must always prevent them from coming near the office.

Kermert’s 0 – The First Chapter will ensure players experience an extremely creepy story. So, are you ready to uncover these secrets in the shortest possible time? Always monitor the camera, repair damaged items, and prevent animatronic properly.


Download this exciting version right here.

Dev: Shadowblam101Games🧢 @Shadowblam101Studios