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Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator Free Download is the remaster of Faazbear Nightmare (Legacy). Play as a private detective and expose every secret of the local pizzeria!

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator

It is a horror game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The story takes place in a dark vintage-themed pizza restaurant where contains many mysteries. They are lethal incidents.

From the office room for security guards, you are capable of supervising the behavior of roaming animatronic mascots. They will be characters that reveal what you need.

It’s necessary to act and interact with everything in the building carefully! Even, performing strategically is also important for your survival.

It’s pretty hard to know when they will attack you.

Can you collect enough clues related to mysterious disappearances or shall you become their next victim?

Fazbear Nightmare: Midnight Investigator is a new master including better elements. It’s free to download and access! Fulfill your task and stay alive!


By: VelsinaProductions @VelsinaProductions