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Introduction to the Game – Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Collection

Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Ports Collection could be a distinctive collection of the initial Five Nights At Chuck’s that players square measure able to play it on humanoid devices. This assortment consists of 3 components of the initial FNAC. Specifically:

Five Nights at Chuck's Android Ports Collection (Free Download)
Five Nights at Chuck’s Android Ports Collection (Free Download)

Story of the Game

Five Nights at Chuck’s 1: This game takes place in Chuck The Cheetah’s Italian pizza parlor that the most attraction is animatronic characters. These robots square measure accustomed sing and dance on the stage to entertain kids and adults. However, they erratically behave unusually at the hours of darkness. they require to tear out your insides. Never mind. you’ll be fine.

Five Nights At Chuck’s 2: robotics at Chuck’s Italian pizza parlor were cryptically destroyed. and that they eventually were place to the storage. the corporate set to form utterly new robotics for the institution of Chuck The big cat and Friends wherever is meant to be an improved place for youngsters and adults. you’re employed to figure at the hours of darkness shift within the animatronic warehouse.

Five Nights At Chuck’s 3: At this point, the sport happens around a brand new location named “Chuck the big cat and Petey The Panther’s Pizza”. it’s a fun-filled pizza parlor with lovely characters. And you’re functioning at this place as a nightguard. what is going to happen to you next?

Now transfer Five Nights at Chuck’s humanoid assortment without charge here and play this game on your humanoid whenever you wish.

Download the game for free from our Official website which is cost free and full version of the game


Developer: Rushan @Rushan

Sub Links: mega.nz