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Introduction to the Game – Five Nights at Fang’s (Classic)

If you are finding it excited for you, we are providing this game free of cost on your website, just for the sake of our user entertainment. This game is developed to be a horror game created by a lover of the globally well-received series Five Nights At Freddy’s of Scott Cawthon. it’s a classic game however brings you really wonderful expertise as you expect.

Five Nights at Fang's (Classic) Free Download
Five Nights at Fang’s (Classic) Free Download


The game comes in conjunction with a story during which you’ll take the role of the most character, however, WHO square measure you?

The story of this game reminds back to you that 1972 memories on your mind when Fang’s Family Pizzeria and FrankBurt’s pizza pie were closed their doors as a result of terrific events together with murders, rivalry, and spring-lock failures. At the instant, 2 of them try their best to remain in business to the day of June fifteen, 1976.

And you’ll be employed to figure in the dead of night shift within the Fang’s Family store. we would like to allow you to understand that their square measure mysterious animatronic characters in there. use caution with them! And you ought to understand that it’s up to you to remain alive 5 nights at this institution.

When the animatronic robots enter your workplace, you have got to use the sunshine switches so as to safeguard yourself.

Now getting Five Nights at Fang’s (Classic) is became free of charge for anyone on our website, you can download it by clicking the button given below.


Developer: ★ MΛЯIƧƧΛ ★ @TheFangsomeWolf