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FNaF 2 Animatronics in Five Nights at Candy’s, a game for any ages, is modified by ZBonniexd and published on September 12, 2019. In the game, players have to survive after five nights without getting caught by the animatronics.

Seven characters in FNaF 2 Animatronics
Seven characters in FNaF 2 Animatronics

In this updated version, there are seven characters replaced, including Cindy the Cat, Candy the Cat, Penguin, RAT, Blank, and Chester the Chimpanzee. A series of replacements give players an extremely new experience.

So, how to start playing this horror game? Just follow these steps:

  • Download Texmod
  • Click “Target Application, and then click “browse”
  • Select five nights at candy’s remastered.exe, or any other games .exe file
  • There is a folder icon in the ‘Select Packages’ area, just click it, and select ‘Browse’
  • Browse to the desired mod. The mod files should have a.tpf prefix at the end of the file name. When the desired mods have been loaded, click ‘Run’
  • Enjoy your mod


FNaF 2 Animatronics download, check out the link:

Developer: @TheRealZBonnieXD