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Introduction to the Game – One Night with a Box: Aftermath

One Night with a Box: Aftermath download it free of cost from our website, also the full version of this game is available, could be a horror fan-made game that’s inspirited by the globally well-known series of Scott Cawthon: Five Nights At Freddy’s. This fan game guarantees to grant all folks an awfully attention-grabbing vice expertise therefore welcome it!

One Night with a Box: Aftermath Free Download
One Night with a Box: Aftermath Free Download

Story of the Game – One Night with a Box: Aftermath

You have been employed to be a nightguard in a very building during which the most attraction is robotics. From twelve to eight, your responsibility is to envision and monitor the building as you’ve got finished the past few months. yet, once a recent event of a birthday celebration, these robotics have acted an equivalent as antecedently. Their behavior becomes unpredictable. Don’t worry an excessive amount of guy, as a result of the corporate has connected a number of PA switches in your workplace in order that you’re able to use a spread of sounds so as to guide the robotics away.

Close your eyes and sit still, everything is okay. additionally, there has been 2 robotics about to conjure for the removal of others. they appear to be special “interactive” robotics, and also the PA systems won’t work for them. However, definitely, we’ve one thing else that produces bound to work well!

Don’t hesitate to transfer One Nights with a Box: Aftermath without charge here! are you able to survive till tomorrow?


Developers: Rhadamus @Rhadamus
Sub Links: mega.nz