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Five Nights at Freddy’s World AR: Cute Surprise could be an alarming and lovely fan-made game inspirited by the worldwide well-received series Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. It guarantees to bring all of you heaps of fun and fascinating experiences along with your favorite robotics.

Five Nights at Freddy’s World AR: Cute Surprise Free Download
Five Nights at Freddy’s World AR: Cute Surprise Free Download

Fnaf World Game overview and story.

In this fascinating game, you’ll face against dead robotics in your world. you’ve got to confront AN infinite stream of alarming robotics which will keep track of you anyplace you go. All you wish to try to do is to do your best to remain alive these lovely horrors come back to life. however long are you able to survive during this game?


The game comes at the side of these following distinctive features:

It is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in the atrocious reality audio-visual attack sequences that are designed for every of those robotics.

It is wherever you’ll expertise the period of time location-based gameplay during which acquainted FNAF WORLD robotics can follow you where you go.

FNAF WORLD AR: Cute Surprise is that the next alarming and lovely game. Players can confront dead robotics in their real-world and conceive to survive these lovely horrors that come back to life.

Players should confront AN endless stream of hostile robotics which will follow them where they are going. The question is, however long will players survive?

Make use of your restricted resources flexibly and showing wisdom so as to survivor attacks of robotics (Your resources embrace mask, flashlight, battery, and shocker)

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Developers: RiverHalsey1 @RiverHalsey1