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Five Nights at Lakko’s have been updated to bring players more fun and fear too. If you are a fan of Five Night at Freddy games, you will recognize that it has the same game play.

Five Nights at Lakko's Free Download
Five Nights at Lakko’s Free Download

In this horror game, you will be a guy stuck in a store with many monsters living in the body of a machine. They will try anything to hurt you and take your breath away at any moment.

FNaF Fan Game is like this game because it has some new characters. You can see in the very first beginning monsters start to appear and scare you. In Five Nights at Lakko’s, these are not just monsters. Some of them used to be human too. So your job is to fight against them and find your way out.

Five Nights at Lakko’s is free download for any country. You also need to go online and check for updates cause there are still some bugs remaining. A better experience will be in this update.

I hope you will have the best gameplay, good luck player!


Developers: AksuAnimaatio @AksuAnimaatio