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Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Revenge is made and developed to meet the need of the fan community. It is created as an unofficial spin-off to the original game. Its main goal is to bring many more new and thrilling experiences for the players. Don’t hesitate to download the game for free here.

Download Free Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Revenge


This time, the story takes place on Treasure Island. In fact, it is not the end but there will be still a thing that has not been finished already. You definitely know, it is the contract with her. You are trying to get out of them but can you? Escape from them or you accept your fate? Are you able to discover the mystery or you give up and end your life unexpectedly?

You know Dohna, a mysterious girl, but where does she come from? Who is she? Actually, she has some business that needs to complete on Treasure island. And then it has been carried out by a company which is known as Supernatural Entertainment Association or SEA. They intended to change this island into a horror destination for visitors. By what was the reason why they decide to implement this plan? What truly happened to the original?

Quickly download Five Nights at Treasure Island: The Revenge for free here and discover the rest of the story.


By: Smashed Tomatoes. @Smashed_Tomatoes