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FredBear APK for Android is a scary arcade FNAF APK game for Android devices. Download for free and challenge your survivability through a series of terrifying puzzles!

FredBear APK for Android free download

FredBear APK for Android

It brings a short horror experience inspired by FNAF. It’s a spin-off to the Fredbear and Friends series.


Miles Ahead Storage & Distribution, Inc. is a building in Oxford, UK. There is a warehouse saving many items from the Fredbear and Friends establishment until one late night.

You determine to visit that place in hope of finding a missing buddy. However, it’s not as a safe location as you think. Something unrest is still living there and it may be waiting for somebody.

Therefore, you must escape by ending given quests and solving puzzles within a limited period of time.

Key features

Various routes to exit

Free to roam around

Multiple cutscenes




FredBear APK for Android is a free-to-download game for Android playable via the APK file. It’s necessary to take advantage of available tools or devices. They can become the weapon to protect your life from wicked and possessed animatronic killers. Start to download the adventure and open the door! Once you stay alive, you will have the chance to reach the way out!


by: KaioKen Studio