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Case: Animatronics APK will bring all your knowledge about the five terrifier nights at Freddy to the end. This fantastic game used to build on a legend named Five Nights at Freddy’s. It tells a long story, but with a short end, it is death.

Once you get in this house, you will not have a chance to escape from it. This house is like a circle when players have to run and run until they exhaust themselves. The only way for you to win these puppets is to fight them and make yourself visible. Try to move in silent and make no sound because they only get to you when you make some noise.

We think you should try this FNAF Android game. It has anything you need from texture, sound, graphics, gameplay, and more.

Suppose you need more updates to get this game run well. You can check out the new one in CASE: Animatronics APK Free Download. It will bring you the best and the newest one of this game. Finally, good game player!

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