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Five nights at candys android collection by rageon is made by a fan of the official Five Nights At Freddy’s with the nickname of Raspberry4491. Due to the popularity of the original game, he wants to make a fan game to meet the need of the fan community. Get ready to download it for free here.

Five nights at candys android collection download free


The game comes with a thrilling story where you will play the role of the main character. The story centers around Candy’s Burgers & Fries which is a family restaurant for kids and their parents coming to have delicious meals. Currently, the location is in need of hiring an employee who takes responsibility for the night shift.

All you need to do is to check the security camera systems in your office and observe what happens around the place. You need to watch out for equipment, facility, and animatronic characters as well. But why you have to keep an eye on these robots?

The robots will tend to move around at night time and definitely do not leave you alone. You have to monitor the camera to know exactly the current location of the animatronics. If you realize something wrong happening, try to stop it.

Quickly download Five nights at candys android collection by rageon for free here.

by: Raspberry4491 @raspberry4491