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FredBear’s Fright APK for Android by Funtime is a free indie horror game. Download the latest adventure in the new FNAF APK for Android and start to experience a survival story by yourself!

The storyline of FredBear’s Fright APK for Android

FredBear’s Fright is porting for mobile devices. It has exciting content.

After FredBear’s Fright is closed down for a long time, FunFrights Inc. determined to open another creepy attraction. The building is put up and it’s ready to show off tragic incidents in the past.

The owner even hired some people to look through the old diner locations so as to collect props. They are fixed and they are really suitable for some kinds of Halloween-themed area.

How to play

You are a part-time security guard working at the place from 12 AM to 6 AM for a few days. You are required to monitor everything via camera screens.

Sometimes, you can see animatronic mascots are roaming. Be careful! They are your enemies. Therefore, you must prevent them from getting to the office as in Five Nights at Freddy’s if you want to survive.

Download FredBear’s Fright APK for Android and remember to keep an eye on crucial elements like generator, strain, etc.! They will help you manage your power and block the foes better.