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Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights is a game that comes from a 19-year-old boy. He wants to make his own game, and the result is this horror game you are looking at. It has anything you want from a scary and monsters nightmare game. The player will have to face a lot of obstacles. There will be no chance for anyone lazy to think and too afraid of the dark place.

In this fantastic Five Nights at Freddy’s game, the player will have their chance to prove their skill. Many different challenges will be brought to you, and your job is to solve all of them. This horror game is also in the progress of a complete full version so that players could run into some errors, and your job is to solve them.

There will be more FNaF fan games out there, but this is a good game for relaxing. And believe me, this game is worth trying. And Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights free download is always open for you!


By: Fox Golden Heart @FoxGoldenHeart