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INSANITY – MACABRE Free Download will bring some new changes to your game. And these changes will also come with some challenges from the fan game. Unique and hard!

INSANITY – MACABRE for PC will allow you to have some new challenges for your game. These challenges will help you get used to the speed of their gameplay.

The game will also allow you to join some new modes. The online mode will be one of the best modes you can join. Along with it will be some new machines and also some tasks to do.


This game will allow you to join other people in the horror world. This world will ask you to fight in 11 nights and more. Each night you will have to play with a machine. And none of them will not be accessible to you.

We have 14 machines and more to update for you. Players can join the custom mode to meet them all. And that will be the best battle you have ever joined. The more you fight, the better you will know the machines.

We also have new modes, a new menu and some changes from the story for you. Download this one from Fan games to know more about it.

by: Pyro_Scar @Pyroscar