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Instinct: FNAF Multiplayer 3D brings back the old game but with different horror. In this game, you must fight in your own way because there will be no help. You can be the hunter, too; just switch the role between hunter and victim. When being a hunter, you will see the experience of yourself on a different side. It’s like looking at yourself in the mirror.

Five Nights at Freddy’s will not be the game you can skip. It would be best if you played this game from the beginning until the end because it is the only way to learn and remember all the information and clues in this game.

For a Fan game, we think this is a good game, and it has been completed in this short time. We also give a discord room so the player can connect to each other even when this game is not supported for online players.

You will also need the Instinct: FNAF Multiplayer 3D Download, so don’t skip this instruction!

Instinct: FNAF Multiplayer 3D Screenshots

By: Scylin @Scylin