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Introduction to the Game – Lost and Found (Official)

Lost and Found (Official) may be a nice alternative for all fans of the horror genre who invariably wish to get pleasure from creepy experiences. Despite being inspirited by the initial FNAF series, it doesn’t keep following the fundamental pilot of the initial. Its free version is available on our website to download completely free of cost and enjoy it on your PC.

Lost and Found (Official) Free Download
Lost and Found (Official) Free Download

Story of the Game

It is a proven fact that the sport was originally free in 2017 by Augus games. it’s s horror game within which you’ll immerse yourself into a dark world. It brings United States a totally new story with new mechanics and gameplays so players will have a lot of attention-grabbing moments. the sport brings a terrific atmosphere wherever you have got to represent darkness, end up in loss, and got to notice the thanks to escape.

The characters in-game have terribly frightened appearances that area unit ready to cause you to jump. additionally, this game conjointly consists of clap, sound effects, flashlights, moreover as jumpscares. If you’re vulnerable with any of those components, you must contemplate fastidiously your safety before deciding to play this game. nobody takes responsibility for any injuries. Be safe!

If you’re able to explore the sport, you’ll stray and located (Official) for gratis here and check out your best to seek out the remainder of your fate.


Developer: Angus WW @ANGUs-GAMEs