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Introduction to the Game – One Week At Chip’s

One Week At Chip’s is formed as a fan-made game that’s inspirited by a well-received horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. the sport guarantees to bring all people an exhilarating expertise thus currently you’re ready to transfer it for free of charge on our web site.

One Week At Chip’s Free Download
One Week At Chip’s Free Download

Story of the Game – One Week At Chip’s

The game comes in conjunction with a alarming story wherever you’ll take the role of the most character. It takes place in “Chip’s Pizza” eating house. a few years agone, attributable to a alarming rumor concerning this eating house, the authorities had to shut it with the rationale for the low range of shoppers.

However, some years later, the authorities determined to open the pizza shop once more with the hope to bring a brand new expertise for all customers. They began to repair and beautify the eating house once more however it’s price noting that they tried to cover everything that might be resembling the pizza shop within the past. That seems like a good plan.

We want to allow you to grasp that the attraction of this Chip’s dish is robotics. you’re employed as a nightguard, can monitor the camera system, and confirm all robotics are traditional and everything else, for instance, equipment, are alright.

However, you recognize that some terrible rumors concerning the past pizza shop are forever here, at your geographic point. What happens to you next? transfer One Week At Chip’s for free of charge and self-discover it.

Download the game for free from our website, full version of this game is available on our official website.


Developers: SpaceTrap @SpaceTrap
Sub Links: mega.nz