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POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is not a typical FNAF selection. Players will feel an adventurous journey in the dark world of Fritz Glade.

About POPGOES Finale

POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is based solely on ideas from Scott Cawthon’s FNAF. However, the game has a plot, and the gameplay is entirely different from FNAF. However, the game was postponed for Halloween 2018. Kane Carter and LSFDevelopment will undoubtedly regret the game. Many people love the game because of the success of the POPGOES series (Kane Carter) and Super FnaF (LSFDevelopment).

The game does not have the same gameplay as FNAF. The game features monsters based on animatronics from the FNAF. The game is a memory journey by Fritz Glade. He is a young man, and he has a regrettable and unhappy past. Simon is the evil owner of The Popgoes Pizzeria. However, Sec-Strings uses up its last ability to communicate with WeaselWare. Therefore, Fritz Glade has an exciting and horror adventure in POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED).

The game uses 16-bit pixel graphics and a unique chiptune soundtrack. The combination of pictures and images creates a highly creepy feeling. The game is a fun horror option. However, the game starts attraction through the horror story, the cutscenes 3D.

Take a look at the game and wait for the experience from the FNAF fan game!POPGOES Finale


by: Kane Carter  @KaneCarter