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Project Readjusted 2 tells you an old story but with new graphics and gameplay. The story is about a restaurant that runs with animatronics. They were designed to help people serve their customers. The owner of this place thinks his idea will work and make people happy. But in the end, the robot acts and talks in a wrong way. They are not friendly anymore and start to hunt people who walk in this horrible place.

This story is the same as Five Nights at Freddy’s. When a player needs to survive five nights or the last thing you know is these puppet eyes.

Project Readjusted 2 free downloads for the player on pc can you can play it on mobile too. There is a lot more to explore, and you have to do it by yourself. Maybe the FNaF fan games page can give you some tips for better gameplay. Remember to look for the FNaF download available cause there will be a lot of change. Most of them are to help the player have a more fun feeling. Good luck, and stay alive!


Developers: Mechlus @Mechlus