PYRO-ILLUSION is a new game that contains an old story with the latest texture and graphics. Not only 2D graphics, but you can also see the robot puppet move entirely. Their teeth and claws are so real that they may cut you into many pieces.


This game also is based on the original game name Five Nights at Freddy’s. You have to spend five nights in an old building. This is your night guard job, so don’t lose your focus cause you could lose your life and job too. Puppets and machines in this place will wait and catch the chance to make your blood bleed. They eat your fear and drink your tears. Beware!

You can ask for PYRO-ILLUSION free download after this game is complete. Right now, all you can do is watch the trailer and give comments for more detail. This horror game will be provided to you for free, so you don’t need any money to have this game. Have your best-prepaid player, something is waiting for you in the darkest room.


By: ddemkoo @ddemkoo

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