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Introduction to the Game – The Desolate Nights (a FNaF Fan-Game)

The Desolate Nights (a FNaF Fan-Game) as you’ll be able to see its name, this can be another fan game of the horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s that is that the inspiration for many fangame everywhere the planet.

Desolate Nights (FNaF Fan-Game) Free Download
Desolate Nights (FNaF Fan-Game) Free Download

Story of the Game – Desolate Nights (FNaF Fan-Game)

This is concerning the guy named king World Health Organization is searching for employment. once the gap of Oracio’s family feeding eating house, he created a call to figure there and he are going to be a keeper at the same time a watcher. However, one thing goes wrong on the far side his imagination. The associate emotronic are going to be lightened by an unidentified creature once the night wears on. Moreover, since the anti-theft protection has of the robotics has been active, therefore they’re making an attempt to kill you thru seven desolate nights.

The Desolate Nights (a FNaF Fan-Game) simply provides the standard machines that several fangames are launched. meaning it’s simply a point-and-click game. you’ve got to seem for things within the free-roaming to try and do your job in many sections of the night nevertheless your priority is to stay the workplace safe till vi AM by obverse the cameras, paying attention to sound, and far a lot of.

The Desolate Nights (a FNaF Fan-Game) ought to be in your game list even if its story and gameplay aren’t new. The enticing part is that its graphics area unit designed in 3D and therefore the color of the sport is sort of aesthetics.

Download the game from our website which is cost free and enjoy the full version of this game.


Developers: REALvctgames @VCTgames2many
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